Island Krk

Krk is a large Croatian island in the northern Adriatic Sea, connected to the mainland by a bridge. The 5th-century Krk Cathedral, in the town of Krk, has a marble altar and stone Corinthian columns engraved with Christian symbols. Overlooking the sea is Frankopan Castle, with centuries-old stone passages and a bell tower. In a small bay to the east, tiny Košljun Island is home to a Franciscan monastery.

Beach in Bašla
Baščanska ploča
Košljun is a tiny island in Puntarska Draga bay off the coast of Krk, facing Punat, in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia
Town Krk
Sunset on Krk
Krk, Croatia
Krk, Croatia
Beach in Bašča
Island Krk, Croatia
Medicinal Mud in Čižići
Windurfers near Malinska